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Our Story

Welcome to our page! 

We feel so thankful for the opportunity to tell you a little bit about ourselves and our story. 

We first met five years ago through our work with Destiny Rescue, an international organization that rescues Children out of the sex trafficking industry.

At that time we would never have imaged God bringing us together as a married couple for his purpose. But through our journey we discovered something special. We discovered that God had given us the same heart, mission and dream for our lives. So on August 10th 2019, we were married in Cambodia. 


We absolutely love Cambodia!!!  

As a married couple we are so excited to continue following God’s plan, mission and dream for our lives in this nation. Through the work that we do here we have a dream to reach people for Jesus by meeting individual, family and community needs. We dream of seeing a generation rise up who contribute to their communities and families in significant ways. 


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