India! What a unique place! Last week I had the privilege of visiting for four days. An impacting four days!!! The sights, smells!!! The sea of people in the streets, the elaborate colors of their traditional dress, the taste of curry in every meal, the smell of spices in the air. It was incredible….. beautiful….. None of my senses were left untouched.

However, what impacted me the most was meeting and spending time with a group of young girls. Jogini girls.

The following was recently written by friend of mine  –
‘These women are classed as lower than the lowest castes in India. At a young age they are chosen to be married off to a goddess named Yellama and thus begin a life of sexual abuse all in the name of religion. Once dedicated as a jogini the girls can never renounce it or be freed from it. It’s a life time of sexual slavery. They are not allowed to say no to anyone even if they’re 70 or 80 or can hardly walk. Often disabled kids are given to become jogini and are treated as disrespectfully and brutally as an able bodied girl. They can be dedicated at age 5 but not “used” until puberty. They are not compensated so are not prostitutes being paid in some way. They are true slaves!!! So sad. Just because they were born in to the Dalit caste or “untouchables” in India their lives are so much different to mine and yours. We are so privileged and they are suffering such huge injustice every day. They struggle to survive.

Please remember these girls and women. And may we be able to help in some way rescuing the young ones before they are dedicated to the Goddess.’